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Tourist destination branding and strategic marketing

Branding as a global tourist destination

  • Raising awareness on Incheon tourism abroad through city branding linked to Incheon brand slogans
  • Expanding the opportunity to spread the information related to Incheon tourism among foreigners by constructing and operating a website specializing in Incheon tourism. The website shall deliver customized information on each market demand and promote advertisement in global portal sites and various campaigns.
  • Online and offline promotion of new media utilizing local influencers and global stars in overseas countries
  • Holding a global familiarization tour by inviting the media and major businesses in the travel industry

Target marketing by strategic market

  • Product development and promotion tailored for each market segment, such as strengthening promotional activities to attract individual tourists
  • Supporting excellent group products and expanding the support programs for individual tourism products which reflect the latest trends
  • Developing special interest tourism products, such as utilizing high-quality tourism contents and promoting its vitalization
  • Securing a global marketing base and strengthening partnerships by strengthening cooperation among networks in the major markets

High value-added and specialized marketing

  • Creating and supporting continuous MICE demand through promotion and marketing of MICE
  • Attracting medical tourism and revitalizing related industries through target-oriented marketing by country and enhancement of the Incheon medical brand
  • Marketing activities to attract cruise tourists and improving receptive capacity to lay the foundation for stimulation of cruise tourism
  • Diversifying transit tour products and reinforcing promotional marketing for transit tourism in connection with related organizations

Vitalization of domestic tourism and cultivation of specialized contents

Increased demand for domestic tourists to visit Incheon

  • Developing new contents, such as ‘Incheon Tours of the Month' and ‘Incheon Tour Pass,’ and promoting product development to increase the demand for Incheon tourism
  • Promoting digital content production and product development
  • Promoting efficiency in collecting and providing tourism information for the system

Cultivation of specialized contents by tourism hub

  • Exploring and promoting contents unique to the downtown area and vitalizing local specialized festivals
  • Developing premium tourism products that utilize tourism resources such as complex resorts
  • Expanding and vitalizing island and ocean tourism projects
  • Revitalizing peaceful ecological tourism, including the five islands and Ganghwado Island in the West Sea

Revitalization of tourism through tour events and festivals

  • Holding representative music festivals in Korea, such as Incheon Pentaport Music Festival, INK Concert, etc.
  • Establishing local festivals to revitalize the old downtown area through events like open port night tour (Incheon Open Port Culture Night), romantic market, winter market, etc.
  • Hosting, attracting, and supporting EDM Festival, Juseom Juseom Music Concert, Songdo Beer Festival, East Asian Choir Festival, etc.

Improvement of preparedness, such as easy and convenient tour environment

Reinforcement of major tourism services for the customers

  • Monitoring and maintenance of tourist information signs in the major tourist destinations through operation of on-site inspection team
  • Improving quality and preparedness of tourism services through service education, accommodation inspection, menu renewal, etc.
  • Enhancing convenience for tourists by establishing a customized baggage delivery service system
  • Improving preparedness for island tourism through education, etc. and constructing an online integrated platform

Promotion of tourism and revitalization of citizen participatory tour programs

  • Preparing tourism promotion system in and out of the district and promoting participatory tour programs
  • Offering tourism perks to individual tourists and providing citizen-matching tour guide services

Revitalization of major tourism infrastructure

  • Improving the operating revenues of Songdo Convensia through active marketing campaigns and expanded hosting of exhibitions
  • Generating revenue and reinforcing regional linkage through revitalized business of Best Western Harbor Park Hotel
  • Reorganizing the demand-oriented efficient routes and improving the operation method of city tour routes for service revitalization

Promotion of win-win tourism within the district

Expansion of employment projects such as Incheon tourism venture businesses

  • Strengthening the industrial base by conceptualizing and fostering Incheon tourism ventures such as holding a contest
  • Supporting tourism and MICE to create employment opportunities through operation of tourism companies and MICE support centers

Exploration and promotion of storytelling contents through participation of citizens

  • Reinforcing tourism contents through discovery of stories about Incheon with participation of the citizens
  • Diversifying internal and external publicity by establishing an archive of stories about Incheon

Reinforcement and support for local tourism capabilities

  • Holding a competition for market merchants’ association and citizens to discover tourism contents that feature traditional markets
  • Supporting revitalization of island tourism continuously through operation of the Island Development Support Center
  • Revitalizing local tourism through operation of Incheon Overseas Marketing Council and MICE Alliance
  • Reinforcing capabilities in utilization of the service infrastructure of the excellent institutions specializing in medical tourism