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The Incheon MICE Support Center

The Center is an incubation platform for MICE businesses. The Center discovers and fosters entrepreneurs with excellent ideas for MICE startups and provides various education and consulting services to enable businesses quickly cope with the era of the New Normal and promote continuous growth of the local MICE industry. It supports the development of policy alternatives for the ‘Incheon Tourism and MICE Forum,” the think tank of the Tourism and MICE industry in Incheon.

Construction of a self-sufficient MICE ecosystem to support the sustainable growth of the MICE industry in Incheon

Development and support of policy alternatives through the Executive Office of the “Incheon Tourism Mice Forum,” think tank of the tourism industry and MICE of Incheon

Support for MICE Startups

  • Financial support for start-up companies
  • Education on practical management business
  • Mentoring by experts
  • Hosting of Private Demonstration Day with participation of tourism and tourism-funded companies

Support for Tenant Companies

  • Support for lease space of tenant companies
  • Support for in-depth consulting and attraction of investment
  • Provision of networking programs

Consulting and Education (Linked)


  • Various management support programs, including digital MICE consulting, are offered to allow stakeholders respond quickly to the new trend of ‘Digital MICE.’

Education (Linked)

  • Promotion in cooperation with the Korea MICE Association

Support for Broadcasting and Video Equipment

  • Strengthening the competitiveness of the MICE industry in Incheon through providing assistance with renting of high-cost broadcast and video equipment and thermal imaging cameras

Operation of the Incheon Tourism and MICE Forum

  • The Tourism and MICE Expert Network of Incheon comprises the think tank that develops policy and tourism alternatives for the city.
  • Organization: Forum Chair (1 official and private members), 3 divisions (Tourism Policy, Tourism Industry, MICE)
  • Members : 23 people (Experts from industry, ademia, research institutions, government, and tourism and MICE industries)
  • Tasks : Identification of potential tourist hotspots in the city /Crafting of MICE policies, providing policy advice, etc.
  • Accomplishments : Publication of policy proposals (First and second halves of the year)