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The Incheon Tourism Business Support Center discovers and nurtures local-based tourism startups and creates the foundations for a sustainable ecosystem in the tourism industry by supporting the growth of the conventional tourism businesses and constructing an employment hub to reinforce the tourism industry of Incheon.


Support for the Foundation and Development of Local-based Tourism Startups

  • Tourism Startup Academy
  • Competitions and business support for tourism startups
  • Support for tourism startups and networking
  • Discovery and support for the related companies

Support for Innovation of Conventional
Tourism Businesses

  • Customized consulting for the tourism industry
  • Strengthening the quality of tourism services
  • Discovery of local travel agencies in Incheon
  • Innovation projects for the conventional businesses and tourism startups

Employment Hub for Tourism Industry

  • Training of professionals and employment consulting in complex resorts
  • International Organizations + Tourism, MICE Career Fair
  • Support for cooperative industries-university internships in tourism

Support for Vitalization of Regional Tourism

  • Support for the development of tourism contents based on VR and AR technologies
  • Cultivation of local community-based tourism businesses
  • Cultivation of Incheon tourism content creators

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