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Incheon Tourism Organization

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Incheon Tourism Business Support Center discovers and nurtures local-based tourism startups and creates a sustainable ecosystem of the tourism industry by supporting the growth of conventional tourism businesses and establishing an employment hub, which in turn lays a strong foundation for Incheon’s tourism industry.


Create an ecosystem for local-based tourism startups

  • Discover and nurture Incheon tourism startups
  • Support business projects
  • Help businesses prosper

Advance local-based tourism businesses

  • Support sustainable growth of tourism businesses
  • Sharpen the competitiveness of Incheon tourism businesses

Establish and operate an employment hub for the tourism industry

  • Create jobs in tourism linked to industry and school
  • foster skilled talents well-versed in Incheon tourism

Vitalize and build networking for the local-based tourism industry

  • Cultivate and support collaboration projects of Incheon tourism
  • Vitalize on-and-off line networking

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