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  4. Island and marine tourism
선재도 목섬

We are strengthening the competitiveness of the island and marine tourism through development and promotion of contents and by strengthening the capacity of the residents.

We are planning and fostering income-generating projects for the citizens while focusing on the development of the island and marine tourism contents and creation of tourism industry to realize the tagline, 'Islands of Incheon, where people want to visit and stay.’

  • Island Development Support Center
  • Island Specialized Project
    (Soijakdo Island, Somuuido Island, Seeodo Island, and Deokjeokdo Island of Jin-ri)
  • Reinforcement of island residents’ capabilities and construction and operation of networks
  • Development and promotion of eco-friendly island tour packages
  • Evaluation and consultation about the accommodation status of island tourism
굴업도 백패킹
대청도 능이해변