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Incheon Tourism Organization

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The square icon represents the tourism resources of Incheon as well as the heart of the city.

[Left] The sky (airport) and sea (ports) of Incheon are represented by the flying birds and the 168 islands.

[Right] The circle that represents the initial consonant of “Incheon” in Korean symbolizes the gateway towards the future while the Incheon Bridge represents the bridge that connects Incheon to the whole world.

Color System
  • ci

    PANTONE 320C

    It symbolizes the sky and hope of Incheon

  • ci

    PANTONE 970C

    It symbolizes the heaven-blessed nature as a growth engine towards the future

  • ci

    PANTONE 546C

    It indicates the sea and limitless possibilities of Incheon

  • ci

    PANTONE 179C

    It signifies the joy of travel and passion towards the future

Logo Type
  • 인천관광공사 Incheon Tourism Organization
    Left-right combination
  • 인천관광공사 Incheon Tourism Organization
    Top-bottom combination
Designated font for the logo
  • 다음체 semibold
    Korean font
  • Harabara Mais bold
    English font
  • Noto Sans CJK black
    Chinese character font