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Incheon Tourism Organization

Mission, Vision and Management Policy


  1. Incheon Tourism Organization
  2. About the Organization
  3. Mission, Vision and Management Policy
To promote tourism as a new growth engine and contribute to the realization of citizens’ happiness
The best public tourism enterprise that serves asthe global tourism hub
Fulfillment of customer satisfaction
  • Core Value 1
    Creativity and
  • Core Value 2
    Challenge and
  • Core Value 3
    and Cooperation
  • Core Value 4
  • The talented employees that we are looking for
    A person with creativity who takes the initiative in change and innovation
  • The talented employees that we are looking for
    A person with passion who takes on challenges with a sense of responsibility
  • The talented employees that we are looking for
    A person with a sense of cooperationand who achieves harmony through active communication
  • The talented employees that we are looking for
    A person with expertise who has insight and execution ability
Administrative targets for 2021
  • ① Tourist awareness: 33%
    (31.3% in 2020)

  • ② Satisfaction on
    construction projects:
    90 points
    (out of 100 points;
    88.1 points in 2020)

  • ③ Satisfaction among
    Koreans :
    4.03 points
    (out of 5 points;
    3.93 points in 2020)

Strategic tasks
Discovery and development
of the core contents for Incheon
  • Development of the four representative contents of Incheon
  • Discovery ofcontents for island and marine tourism and its commercialization
  • Vitalization of tourism through festivals and events
Attraction of tourists through marketing activities in response to environmental changes
  • Expansion of non-contact digital promotion and marketing activities
  • Attraction of domestic tourists
    Strengthening of marketing strategy
  • Establishment of the foundation and improvement of awareness to attract overseas tourists
  • Development of the MICE industry and strengthening of marketing related businesses
  • Vitalization of medical and wellness tourism
Improvement of infrastructure and environment to enhance tourist convenience
  • Creation of a smart tourist city
  • Improvement of tourist information service and convenience
  • Smart operation and vitalization of internal exhibition using Songdo Convensia
  • Operational stabilization of Best Western Harbor Park Hotel
  • Operation of Incheon City Tour and Open Port alley tour bus
Realization of social values through tourism,particularly job creation and local coexistence
  • Creation of new jobsby operating the tourism company support center, etc
  • Tourism activity support for the socially underprivileged and workers
  • Local win-win development by strengthening civic participation activities, etc.