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We are promoting the identification and development of the core contents based on the specialized and unique tourism resources of Incheon.

백령도 동대해안
1 Eco-friendly environment
Identification of eco-friendly tourism contents in
connection with the concept of clean tourist destinations
  • Development of eco-friendly tourism programs
  • Development and promotion of premium island-specific products that utilize various marine resources
개항장 신포동27번길
2 Time travel
Discovery of contents for time travel (time slip)
where the past, present and future coexist
  • Discovery of tourist locations linked with history and tradition in the old downtown of Incheon
  • Commercialization of tourism resources through the stores with a long history (IEOGAGE Project)
3 Local delicacies, night view
Discovery of representative local dishes and delicacies identification of tourism resources for nighttime attractions
  • Discovery of stories for delicacies and night tours and development of promotional marketing for Incheon
4 Healing
Development of tourist destinations associated with nature and forest healing in connection with rest and recreation
  • Identification and promotion of high value-added tourism products linked to wellness tourist destinations