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  • Incheon, A rich combination of past, present and future

    Night View of Songdo

    Tradition and technology collide as soon as you step off your airplane into Incheon International Airport terminal. This fabulous building is high-tech and minimalist, but its rooflines resemble those of ancient Korean temples, and you might spot traditional Korean gardens. Look out too for the airport’s futuristic and interactive Guide Robots, who provide information in multiple languages. The airport sets the tone for Incheon, South Korea’s global hub and fast becoming the nation’s next futuristic city. The cutting edge is everywhere here, yet cultural and historical roots are well preserved. And while you can explore hotspot high-tech centres and the latest shopping districts, you can also get away, in a relaxing fresh-air alternative, to the many islands and beaches that fringe the city.  Read more : Incheon, A rich combination of past, present and future

  • One of the best 1 night and two-day course trips you can do in Incheon, Korea

    Paradise City, Yeongjongdo

    Just arriving at Incheon International Airport is an experience in itself. I still remember the feeling of amazement I had when I wheeled my small carry-on bag through the arrival gate. Having just come from Sydney International Airport and thinking that there was big, it was hard not to be impressed by just how big ONE terminal was here (Incheon Airport has two that are connected by a shuttle train)... My hotel of choice was the Paradise City Hotel & Casino as it is super close to the airport by shuttle bus. Just like with the airport, the minute you walk into Paradise City, you are blown away. There is nothing like walking into a super modern foyer with high ceilings and a giant golden Pegasus statue staring down at you. The Paradise City Hotel & Casino is beyond your wildest dreams in luxury accommodation.  Read more : Stopover Destination Incheon

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  • Yeongjong-do Island GuideMap

    Stopover Yeongjong-do Island GuideMap

  • Songdo GuideMap

    Stopover Songdo GuideMap