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Incheon Tourism Organization

Greetings from the CEO


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  3. Greetings from the CEO

Welcome to the website of the Incheon Tourism Organization(ITO), an affiliated organization under the Incheon Metropolitan city.

This is the website for information exchange where anyone can explore the charm of Incheon. This is also a space for communication where you can learn about and participate in various projects promoted by the Incheon Tourism Organization (ITO).

Incheon is an international gateway to the Republic of Korea, an open city with historical significance as an open port that served Korea for long in the past. It is a creative city that turned tidal flats into high-tech cities. Furthermore, Incheon is an international tourism city with unlimited growth potential as a center of marine tourism in Northeast Asia, as well as a hub for peace tourism in the future.

ITO promotes various projects
in order to provide visitors with a comfortable and
pleasant tourism experience through high-quality services.
On the other hand, it contributes to improve the citizens’
quality of life by developing the local economy through tourism.
ITO’s projects are focused on the attraction of local and
foreign tourists and development of tourism resources.

As a public organization that is trusted and loved by citizens
and visitors, the employees of the ITO promise to make
every effort to develop Incheon into a center of
convergence and international tourism in Asia and a city
that everyone wants to visit.

Thank you very much.

Min-hong Min, CEO
Incheon Tourism Organization